About the book


Today’s dad is expected to be far more involved in the rearing of his children.

But, while society helps moms to prepare for motherhood with books and magazines, classes and clinics, dads have to face fatherhood very much on their own.

What Nobody Tells a New Father is a dad-to-be’s, or a new dad’s, best friend. The book guides a new dad through the mysterious world of the pregnancy, birth and early months of his first child, giving him insight into what he will encounter, with practical advice along the way.

Fatherhood is not for sissies but, with the right knowledge and support, it can be fun. With this book, new dads and dads-to-be gain knowledge and insight on what they are in for and what to do to ensure that they develop deep, meaningful, fun and fulfilling relationships with their partners and children!

The bonus is that the book has been written for men, by a man who has walked the road of fatherhood long enough to see the results of his own parenting as his children are all well-adjusted, emotionally mature and successful adults. The book shares the benefits of the author’s insights in a straight talking way and does not hint at anything because, as women discover all the time, guys don’t get hints!   

In this revised electronic edition of What nobody tells a new father, Alan Hosking shares with dads-to-be and new dads simple, yet powerful, ways to enjoy parenting while building a happy and successful family by outlining the path into parenthood, explaining why men find pregnancy and parenthood initially overwhelming (and how to overcome these feelings), and giving practical tips for building stable, happy and meaningful relationships with their partners and their children right into their children’s adult years.

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