Invest in your family

When it comes to investing in your career and family, go for “and” rather than “either/or”. Successful careers have proven to be a double-edged sword for many people, particularly men. So many men set out to build successful careers in order to provide for their families but, in the process, end up sacrificing the very … Read more

Develop a game plan for the family

Successful families, like successful teams, operate according to a game plan. We all know the frustration of sitting in the stands at a rugby or soccer match or sitting on the couch shouting at our favourite team because they’re playing like idiots who don’t seem to have a game plan. Their opponents are making fools … Read more

Don’t blink first

When you go eyeball to eyeball with a wilful toddler or teen, don’t blink first. Having worked extensively with parents of children of all ages for over two decades, I have learnt that good people don’t necessarily make good parents. That might sound like a rather harsh comment to make but it’s not intended to … Read more

Parent: dictator or democrat?

Parents are not in the game to win votes or popularity, but it is nice to be liked. In this world of ever increasing human rights and children’s rights, parents are increasingly under pressure to do and be the right thing for their children. It’s however difficult to know where to draw the line between … Read more

If I knew then what I know now

Experienced fathers say they would do things differently if they had to do it again. One of the things that happens to parents when their children reach adulthood is that hindsight and insight help them see things differently. They realise that they were probably a lot harder on their children than they should have been … Read more

Lead your family like this

Families are like companies and need active leadership for them to succeed. Most of us are inclined to see leadership in terms of our careers and not in terms of our families. We develop and grow as leaders at work, participate in leadership programmes, learn key skills that help us succeed at work and apply … Read more

Three lessons of parental love

Use these three lessons to raise emotionally secure children. While Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and a number of other crooners sang that love is a many splendoured thing, one can safely say that love is also a much misunderstood thing. No, really. Take for example parents who, in the name of love for their … Read more