Why read the book?

This book will give you an advantage over other new fathers and over your own father that you would otherwise never have had.

It won’t give you advice on how to change a diaper or feed a baby – there’s plenty of time to learn that after the baby has been born – but it will give you new lenses through which you will see the mother of your child, her pregnancy, your changing circumstances and the birth of your baby in a more informed way.

There is so much information available for new mothers, but not so much for new fathers. This book tells you what no-one tells you and answers questions like:

  • How do pregnant women think?
  • Why do pregnant women behave as they do?
  • How should new fathers be thinking?
  • What should new fathers be doing?
  • How do new fathers feel, and why?

These are questions no-one attempts to answer because everybody focuses on the easy things such as the mechanics of parenthood only. Men are consequently not able to find meaning in the mess and this affects their roles as new fathers.

Once a man gets to understand the why, he has no problem with the what. This book attempts to clarify a lot of the why, setting men free to be the father they’ve always wanted to be!   


What new parents say about the book ...