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A New FatheR

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Something special for first time dads

It’s understandable that a great deal of focus is placed on mothers-to-be during pregnancy. Yet, it’s puzzling – and unfortunate – that little support is offered to first-time dads. They are just as important in their baby’s life and need to be prepared for their first bundle of joy. This book is just what new dads need. It guides first-time dads through all the ups and downs of pregnancy and childbirth, giving them insight into what to expect during this exciting time of their lives!

What you'll learn about ...

Your Pregnant WiFe

How do pregnant women think and why do pregnant women behave as they do?

A New Father's Expectations

How should new fathers be thinking and what should new fathers be doing?

A New Father's feelings

How do new fathers feel, and why?

What you'll learn:

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You don’t need to live in uncertainty or harbour secret fears about what awaits you when your baby is born. With your own copy of What Nobody Tells A New Father, those uncertainties and fears will simply melt away!

I have just been blessed with a bubbly bouncy boy aged 7 months. My daughter (Kinara) aged 7 is over the moon to have finally got a brother or a sibling of her own. I have read your book twice and it has inspired me so much that I just had to mail u and let u know how wonderful your book is and how proud it feels to be a father.

Not enough is said about fathers and their contributions towards their children. I found this book to be so true in my instance in which I have dedicated my whole life to my daughter and now my son.  

Once again thank u for the very inspirational book.  
Dhiraj K

As I am about to embark upon fatherhood for the second time, a friend tossed your book in my lap. It has proven a good read, thanks.

What especially caught my attention was your message of emotional investment into a relationship with your child both for the sake of today, as well as tomorrow.  If nothing else, it is confirmation of what I have been angling towards. 

Thanks again. 
Robert McK

About the Author

Alan Hosking

Alan is an internationally recognised, multiple award-winning thought leader in Leadership and the Future of Work. He is the Publisher of HR Future magazine, a global human capital magazine, and a leadership teacher who has, since 2001, been preparing companies and their people for the Future of Work, long before anyone else was thinking about the future!

While Alan addresses all stages of parenting, he has a particular passion for first-time fathers who he believes need all the support they can get. He is very concerned about the fact that, while expectant moms get a lot of attention (and he is glad they do), expectant dads do not. This, he says, sends men a very powerful negative message at a crucial time in their lives – that they’re not an important part of the child’s life, causing them to “switch off” when it comes to parenting. He therefore shows new dads how to enjoy being loving and involved dads not because they have to be but because they want to be.

"Once a man gets to understand the why, he has no problem with the what. This book attempts to clarify a lot of the why, setting men free to be the father they’ve always wanted to be!"


Many thousands of fathers have benefited from Alan's advice!

With the support of this book, you will approach fatherhood with a confidence and competence that will make other dads and their partners green with envy as they watch you handle fatherhood like a pro.

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